The Moulton Theatre

For Teachers

We’re Truly Your Partner in Education

The Laguna Playhouse is committed to supporting the work of teachers by providing young people with opportunities to experience theatre as entertainment, enrichment and enlightenment according to need, age, interest, and ability.

We believe as passionately as you do that the arts play a vital role in the development of social awareness, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in young people. We believe in particular that the enchantment of theatre and the drama of human life represented in the stories we tell unleash the imagination of children in constructive ways. By exposing them to theatre at an early age we offer children an invitation to make theatre a permanent and enriching part of their lives.

The Laguna Playhouse, aware of the broad applicability of theatre skills, role-playing and dramatization, is continuously developing its education programs to complement the work of teachers in the classroom through a range of subject areas.

In order to help you create the most valuable learning experience, we offer you:

Study Guides

To support and complement plays presented through our school-touring program. >TheatreReach: Bringing Books to Life, study guides help enrich the educational value of the performance.

Theatre Glossary
Glossary pdf Download this comprehensive guiide to theatre terminology from A-Z.

Student Matinees
A limited number of midweek daytime Youth Theatre productions specially written for children.

Backstage Tours
A backstage tour opens youthful eyes to the technology behind the magic and quite frequently sets the stage for deeper involvement in the art of theatre.

Teacher Workshops
See just how theatre techniques can be fully integrated into the curriculum and enhance the learning experience.