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Experience Laguna Beach and The Laguna Playhouse and find out why it’s not just another night out ….

Laguna Beach Sunset
Another magnificent Laguna Beach sunset

Laguna Beach is an oasis of beauty in Southern California. And we want to help you make the most of your time with us, whether your visit lasts a day, a weekend…or a lifetime!

The Laguna Playhouse is located just steps from the beach and dozens of restaurants offering everything from cutting-edge cuisine to casual dining. The lodging establishments of Laguna Beach boast a full range of superb accommodations, from 5-star world-class resorts to cozy guest cottages. You may book directly through Book Now.

We’ve put together this Visitor Center for your use; however, you may also wish to contact Visit Laguna Beach at or call them at 1-800-877-1115.

The Laguna Playhouse gratefully acknowledges major support from the Laguna Beach Business Improvement District, a program of Laguna Beach Lodging Establishments and the City of Laguna Beach